The purpose of NatureConnect NW is to foster and empower kinship with Earth and all her creatures.


Our vision is humanity living according to Nature’s guidance, 

in harmony with the web of life.

We revere Nature as Source, healer teacher, inspiration and primary guide.

We practice connection through deep listening, stillness, curiosity, gratitude, willingness and doing no harm.

We create safe haven, inviting, nourishing, witnessing, heart speaking, and tending to safety and well being of all.

We act from the heart with care, receiving what comes with grace and gratitude, walking in beauty.

NatureConnect NW Programs

NatureConnect Escapes are simple, short, sweet adventures participating in the natural beauty and bounty of the seasons in our home terrain. Family friendly, multi-generational, affordable. In the past year we have witnessed spring migration at Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge, kayaked Estacada Lake to take in the fall colors, followed the tracks of animals along the floodplain at Oxbow Regional Park, and exploring the edges at Smith & Bybee Lakes. 

  Shiprock State Park, WA       

Shiprock State Park, WA



NatureConnect Excursions are 2-4 day trips into the wild where our connection opportunities are determined by the landscape, waters, trees, creatures and what they evoke in us. We travel to many ecosystems in the Pacific Northwest: mountains, deserts, rivers, lakes, wetlands, grasslands, coastal forests and beaches. Our journey begins with leaving behind busyness, electronics, rushing and tasks. NCNW practices help us drop into place and the larger community. Excursion have both outer and inner landscapes to explore, shared and solo time, storytelling and deep listening, always looking to Nature as Source, healer teacher, inspiration and primary guide.

NatureConnect NW Immersions are 3 or more day adventures ranging farther from home, traveling and learning in landscapes to more deeply understanding ecosystems, geology, biology, history, threats and challenges. Attention is on our inherent naturalist self and c our birthright of nature connection. 

Tending the Wild projects focus on habitat restoration and conservation of natural and wild places.  Often we partner on these events with kindred organizations. We may be surveying birds on Powell Butte with Portland Parks.  We might clear trails with Washington Association for Trails.  We may participate in a local EcoBlitz with Metro to inventory species in a designated natural area.  We may join Oregon Natural Desert Association (ONDA) planting native trees and shrubs to restore an overgrazed river bank.  NCNW has also launched its own efforts to support the recovery of Monarch Butterfly populations and other pollinator species.  We began our first Monarch Waystation in March 2016. 

Wanna Come Along?  Often, members of the NatureConnect Council hatch a plan to go out and practice our skills in bird language, dragonfly identification, tracking, or something else we love. We'll let you know about these informal meet-ups so you can share the experience and learn along with us. Or we join up with a partner organization for a nature event or project, and spread the word by inviting you to come along. Watch our mailings and see our partner list to explore further.

  Tending the Wild:  Planting the Monarch Waystation, Sherwood, OR

Tending the Wild:  Planting the Monarch Waystation, Sherwood, OR

I have consistently left more relaxed, energized, focused and happy each time I have attended over the past 15 years. You are supportive, creating space for growth to naturally occur. These are wonderful opportunities I will continue to embrace again and again!
— Margaret Theisen, Non-profit Executive Director