You can create deep nature connection for yourself, alone or in the company of others. We invite you to do so, fully and frequently.

Here you will find a variety of ways to participate with the natural world, on behalf of your own well being and the well being of Earth.


NatureConnect NW, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization. Your tax-deductible donations and contributions support restoration project work, program scholarships, and expand opportunities to deepen Earth connection.

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Our calendar and our partner page offer everything from simple ceremonies to multi-day odysseys. We provide skilled guidance and the opportunity to connect with other like-minded folks, while connecting with Nature.

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Whether you’re preparing for a solo experience, learning to create your own sacred container, stretching out of your comfort zone, befriending discomfort or darkness, or returning to joy – our guides are richly skilled in co-designing a nature connection experience that is all your own, specifically for you, on your own timeline. 

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Reconnecting with nature is a strong way to reconnect with ourselves. NatureConnect’s adventures allow for meaningful community time as well as personal time for reflection. A few days away with them are clearly rejuvenating and very insightful. They organize the time well while allowing for personal needs to be met. The services are worth more than the cost. The guides work from a deep, personal reservoir of energy and soul and it is always beneficial.
— NS, retired Non-Profit Executive Director
I had a wonderful time and I had no idea it would change my life. I came back very centered, rested, and reconnected with Nature. My trips with NatureConnect have been marvelous experiences, both external and internal. The guides put together the right people, the right places, and the right activities to connect us deeply with the wild around us and the wild nature within us.
— JK, Writer
I got to experience profound connections with people I hadn’t known before. Back out in daily life, I began experiencing people like this all the time. My perceptions had shifted...
— RB, Parent

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Tell your friends and family about NatureConnect NW!     There's no better way to inspire others than sharing your own experience. Your words carry power and paint pictures for others. See the testimonials below for ideas.

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Nature Connection is always available! Here are some ideas for developing your own Nature Connection practices. Do them alone, or invite friends and family to join you. Did you try something new? Let us know!

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The weekend I participated in was a critical healing at a critical time. It was an unexpected and blessed event.
— JA, Small Business Entrepreneur
Thank you again so much for sharing this experience with me…with us. My life has been changing rapidly since and I have really been connected to my Eagle friend. I am so grateful for that experience!
— JL, Insurance Broker
I have been attending these for my personal retreats for 15 years. NatureConnect selects perfect environments and provides a nourishing atmosphere and nourishing food! I have consistently left these excursions more relaxed, energized, focused and happy each time I have attended. They are critical respites for me to counter-balance a demanding career and busy life. The guides are personable and supportive, not intrusive. They balances challenges in the context of love and respect, creative the space for growth to naturally occur. These are wonderful opportunities I will continue to embrace again and again!
— MT, Non-Profit Executive Director