Suzan Hill

Suzan Hill grew up travelling by car across the country each summer. With her parents and younger sister Laura, she explored caverns and canyons, mountain and lakes, rivers and desert, accumulating countless hours of experiencing many changing landscapes - the sand dunes of Cape Cod, big skies of Montana, endless cornfields of Kansas, the unearthly white of the salt flats, ragged peaks of the Tetons, the bayous of the gulf coast, red rocks of the southwest, the power of the Pacific Ocean, sparkling lakes in the Sierra Nevadas, and the lush green forests of the Cascades. Living in seven US states so far, plus Alberta, BC, Suzan’s heart is steeped in the natural wonders of North America. For the last 35 years, Oregon has been home.

“When I discovered NatureConnect 8 years ago, I hadn’t camped in years. Experiences with NatureConnect have brought me home to my natural comfort in the wild places. I’m curious about everything in nature so when I’m out there, I’m always part excited kid. At the same time, I find that in nature I have my clearest experiences of the sacred and of belonging to the larger whole. Through NatureConnect Excursions and circles I have expanded my aliveness, greeting edge after edge of my disconnection from Earth and her creatures.”