NatureConnect NW Scholarship Guidelines

We are committed to making our programs accessible to a wide range of people. To this end, we offer Scholarship support to those who are otherwise unable to attend our nature connection programs due to financial hardship.

We work closely with individuals seeking financial assistance to determine what is within their means and co-develop a plan. We typically ask that you cover a portion of the tuition. Payment plans may also be available. We’re happy to consider any and all requests for assistance. 

Scholarship availability depends on the generosity of many individual donors. If you’d like to contribute to making nature connection possible for someone else, please consider making a tax-deductible donation today! Many thanks to all of the generous donors that have already contributed to the scholarship fund.

Scholarship Guidelines (subject to change):

  • Funds must be available in the scholarship account at the time of the request

  • Scholarships are granted at the discretion of the council and may be 0 - 100% of tuition

  • No person shall receive more than one scholarship per 12 month period (excluding work exchange such as managing food at the event)

To apply for a scholarship, click here.