Judy Todd

Judy Lyn Todd was born in the valley west of the Oregon Coast Range. At ten, she moved with her family to the Siltcoos River where hours along the river, and all it revealed to her, launched her nature education. She later discovered more beauty and wildness while hiking, backpacking, and camping as an adult and as parent of two children. 

In 2014, Judy felt called to join the Great March for Climate Action, and walked or biked 700+ miles over three months through sections of southwestern and northeast America. What she experienced moving through desert lands and over mountains, sleeping nightly under the moon and stars, and meeting diverse communities along the way, changed her to an Elder Earth Activist.

"I started ‘going out there’ while living in the city and working full time. I needed nature: trees, rivers, clouds, birds and sky to remember what mattered to me, and to re-connect myself the beauty, wonder, and love I found there. Now, grateful for my life in my 70 decade, I happily work for Earth."