Jan Shannon

Growing up on a few acres in Pleasant Hill, Oregon, in the verdant Willamette Valley, Jan’s first true love was her horse, Topsy. As an adolescent, she would spend hours and whole days riding through fields, along trails, into orchards, and over to friends’ homes. This relationship launched a special way of connecting to animals, both domestic and wild, that became a lifelong passion.

Jan's rural childhood afforded many opportunities to connect with Nature, both on and off horseback. Favorite projects included cloud gazing and communication, grasshopper studies, mud pie making, wildflower picking, grass eating, clover sucking, sunburning, going on butterfly safari, camping, and spying on wildlife.

A relentless curiosity and love of learning has given Jan a rich diversity of educational experiences on the journey to her primary career as a coach and consultant, where she's had many occasions to work in personal, transformational, and playful ways with others. 

In 2002, Jan traveled to Sedona, Arizona for her first NatureConnect Excursion. A re-awakening took place for her there: a deep appreciation for the unique beauty of Earth and the brilliance of every other being revealed itself to her, along with a desire to share the power of that connection to the natural world with others.

As a NatureConnect NW guide, Jan loves to take participants tracking and birdwatching--another way to indulge her fascination with our animal relations.

"From listening deeply and persistently to the stirrings of my soul and the messages from Nature, I discovered a gift for song carrying. Now I’m known as Songbird, grateful for the songs that come through me that bring joy, healing, and connection to others."