Get Out There

Short, easy ways to fall in love with nature

  • Find an easy, mostly flat trail that is not overpopulated. Wait until twilight. Walk out for 5 minutes. Wait for the dark. Walk back.

  • Find a full bird feeder or bird bath in your yard or neighborhood. Hide behind a tree or bush where you can see it. Wait. When a bird comes, watch it, study it, and remember everything about it. If you think you know who it is, learn something new about it. If you don’t know who it is, find out afterward.

  • For a breezy or windy day: find a place near trees. Sit under one, with your back to the trunk. Close your eyes and listen for the song of the wind in the trees. Make up lyrics or learn the tune. Bonus: Sing or whistle back the wind’s song.

  • For a blue sky with clouds day: Find an open spot where you can lie down safely and unobserved. Watch the clouds move and shape and re-shape. Find the faces or shapes in them. Draw them on paper. Give them names.

  • Make a 6 foot circle in a field, forest, or along the shore. Stay at the outer edge all around the circle. Find everything you can in the circle without moving anything around. Bring a magnifying glass and look closely.

  • Find a tree, boulder or shrub. Sit facing it. Introduce yourself out loud. Tell it the story of a time in your childhood when you were connected to nature. Listen for its response. Bonus: Tell it about when you were a tree or boulder or shrub.