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Introducing KIN: A 9-month Immersion Program for Women

NCNW is proud to announce KIN (Kinship in Nature) - our all-new 9-month Nature Connection Immersion Program, designed and customized for women who are seeking:

  • more quality time with nature, the natural world, and its creatures
  • focused time for deeper connecting, quiet contemplation, and ceremony
  • experiences of exploring, practicing, and inhabiting deep nature connection
  • discovery of their own unique strengths, gifts, and purpose 

Why Immersion?

Women are natural networkers and connectors, deeply related to Earth and Earth’s natural processes. They are brave agents of change for themselves and others. These gifts are empowered by time spent connecting to life-source: the natural world of soil, stone, plants, trees, rivers, oceans, wind, weather, birds, bugs, stars, fire, and the dark.

In our 20 years of experience developing and leading programs, we have found that the more opportunities we share in natural settings without the distractions of home, family, work, and social events, the more fully our own deeper nature surfaces and becomes vitalized and present in our daily lives.

We know that the more we expose ourselves to the beauty, mystery, and powers of the natural world, the more strengthened, healed, and whole we become. Immersion time spent in our inherent connection to nature builds us and develops us at the level of soul. We expand and deepen while renewing and finding a quiet center within.

KIN explores and strengthens key relationships: with our inner landscape, the outer landscapes we visit in the three seasons, and our communal experiences and connections with other beings, including humans.

KIN is for you if:

  • you long to find your truest way forward as a self-loving, self-assured, sovereign woman
  • you seek nourishment from a deeper source for the next phase of life, knowing there is so much more than what the culture can provide
  • you desire to share depth, trust, love, discovery, laughter, and kinship with other women

Who is leading?

Judy Todd and Jan Shannon are your guides in this extraordinary year of Kinship. With 20 years of working together and separately as guides, coaches, and facilitators, Judy and Jan bring a wealth of tools with which to craft your immersion experience:

  • Devotion to building a container of safety and power
  • Ceremony knowledge and practices, including guidance in self-designed ceremony
  • Poetry, song, story
  • Calling and leading Honoring Councils
  • Balancing solo and shared time, focused and free time
  • Guidance and mentoring on an individual level for your deepest work
  • Experience in tracking, birding, dream reflection, guided writing and meditation
I can’t tell you how touched I was by your joint multi-layered thinking about me and the weekend. Your love and support for me personally broke open another layer of connection and community and I am grateful.
— Joy

Explore the emerging details here and save these dates now! Registration opens in February 2018.

  • Saturday, March 10: Free Introduction & Sampler of the 2018 Immersion Program. Bring your hopes and goals, your curiosity and imagination. Meet your guides. Dip a toe in the water as you participate in easy invitations to explore whether KIN is right for you.

Spring Quarter - Tracking the Inner and Outer Worlds

Summer Quarter - Sacred Relationship with Plants and Animals

Autumn Quarter - Becoming One with Earth

  • October 4 to 7: Autumn Camp near Ledbetter Point and Willapa Bay on the Washington Coast
  • November 1: Final Cohort Immersion Practice Day


Payment plans are available and you are welcome to apply for a partial scholarship or work trade. Contact for details and fees. 

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