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Epiphany Retreat: Traversing the Times

The return of the light marks a unique and momentary time each year. We like to spend ours at the edge of the great sea, where imagination, dreams, fluidity and timelessness can visit us most easily.  What a year we will be closing! What future calls us and how will we respond? Epiphany lends clues and suggestions like no other time can. Embracing the darkness as it greets the light, we find responses in our body and spirit, our words and deeds, that can surprise us. 

Our retreat base will be near Neskowin. The Salmon River and estuary, the Pacific Ocean and sandy shore, Cascade Head with tales of salmon and fire will greet and hold us. Other companions may include sea lions, eagles, river otters, sea birds, cedar trees, mosses and lichens, deer, and elk.

This special, annual women-only retreat brings together Judy Todd, founder & inherent naturalist & Amanda Zabel, soul guide in dream and grief work. Together they vow to create a container of depth, magic and nature experience and connection unlike any other. 

By request, we are also offering optional pre and post retreat mentoring, guiding and conversations to deepen your experience, and for far away travelers, to extend your time and make it especially valuable. Register now to assure a place as this retreat is limited. For details and to register, contact Judy Todd, 503-260-4995 or email Judy at