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Winter Circle - A Weekly Wellspring

Six Tuesdays from 6:30 - 9:00 pm

We invite you to gather with us in a community of nature-connected folk to enhance and sustain our relationship to Nature as source, teacher and primary guide over the season of dark nights through a deep exploration of the stories in which we live.

Stories teach us how to live. They anchor our experiences and our relationships. They change us. They make sense and meaning of our past and create our future.

Winter Circle is a bountiful experience of being inspired and informed by one another’s brilliance, stories, and resourcefulness. We will use a mix of resources, books, poetry, song, and story to hold the winter months and our community in good health.

We will meet for six sessions in the safety and warmth of a private home. Space is limited to 10 Spaces at $60 per person.

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