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2020 Epiphany ~ A Watershed Retreat for Women

More to know…but know this for now:

If you are craving a potency in your life, perhaps the potency you have been seeking for so long, you will want to save these dates

…because in the quickly coming months, as we fashion and forge this vessel called our life, listening to the Great Mother, tending the fires of our passions, encouraging the powers of our hearts and souls—this reservoir of intention and guidance from nature will distill into a medicine that is unsurpassed.

We have been creating and alchemizing for some while now, and time is of the essence. When else shall we bring ourselves as gift and offer what we’ve been learning, practicing and longing for in the world and in ourselves?

So soon life begins to close. So much yet to live!

Our oceanside location is yet to be named, the costs not yet firm, how you will want and need to prepare continues to gestate. The unfolding is underway. Be in touch with your intentions.