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2019 Epiphany Women's Retreat ~ Attending the Sacred

  • Heaven & Earth Retreat Center 19892 NW Sellers Road Banks, OR 97106 (map)

An Intimate Gathering of Peers

This women’s retreat includes deep reflection and renewal, honors the season of darkness, and welcomes the illumination of epiphany. We will be at Heaven & Earth Retreat Center, in the foothills of the Tillamook State Forest just west of Portland.

This experience occurs in the company of 12 sovereign women who share a longing and a high degree of readiness to move into their feminine powers in unexpected or previously unexperienced ways. With nature connection as a steady hand, we will share leadership as we honor the wise knowing of each woman.  We will know and be known, perhaps as never before, as we share our visions, passions, fears, griefs and powers. Who are you now and who are you becoming? What must you have in your life, your heart, your community, to fulfill your intention for your life?

We will invite intimate dialogue, process, connection, and open kinship among us all. You will have access to your own ways of

  • Deepening a nurturing relationship with Nature

  • Honoring the seasons of Earth and of your life

  • Demonstrating authentic leadership

  • Trusting the container and the flow

  • Exploring and developing practices that strengthen and ground you

Our current cost estimate is $350 per person for our retreat site, food and the materials we provide. A written Inquiry & Exploration response will be requested once your registration is complete. A pre-retreat call will take place by group conference and is a necessity for this epiphany gathering.

Is it time for you to claim this sacred occasion and sacred place? Is it time to discover who the one in the mirror truly is?