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Winter Explorations with the Seasons of the Moon-A Time for Women

Beginning with January's Full Moon Sunday 1/20, we will track our lives through the winter of our own and the Moon's Seasons in a mixture of experiences: soul work, readings shared, poetry written, stories told, art arted, songs sung and much more.…

This bright personal and communal time in the dark of winter will encourage, surprise, sustain, and inspire our lives in what will likely continue to be ‘hard times’ in our world.

We will intentionally persevere as we practice resiliency and joy even in the presence of grief. Compassion and creativity will accompany our times together. We will learn how to pass it on to our families, friends and communities.

Ending Sunday 3/17 as we welcome the coming Full Moon of March with a celebration of feasting and fabulousness where your invited guest will be able to share the final seasonal exploration with you. (Guests can include any gender)

Winter Explorations is $100 per person, and meets every other Sunday for 5 sessions, from 3 to 6 pm. To hold your space, click here.

Do you have a perfect location to accommodate up to 10 women? Be in touch with Judy at about location, space and privacy requirements.