Wander Nature

Guest post and photo of Pierce Wildlife Refuge by Claire Morency of Wander Nature

I have been a friend and supporter of NatureConnect for many years. We share a common mission: to encourage people to connect with the Earth and experience the wondrous nature our planet offers. I am honored to share my Earth story.

As a child, I spent a great deal of time outdoors exploring and learned to appreciate nature (such as it was) in the suburbs of Chicago. As I moved into my 20’s and 30’s, I became caught up in life and spent less time outdoors.

When I moved to the Northwest at age 35, my love for the Earth was rekindled and my Huck Finn nature was reborn. So much beauty, so much to explore: hiking in the woods, time at the ocean; I loved it all. I was working long hours, but managed to squeeze in outdoor time.

It wasn’t until I completed my career a couple of years ago that I was inspired to spend time every day with the Earth. I began taking photographs and writing about my experiences, and my Wander Nature website was born.

Now, I wander for two to three hours each day, taking photos and finding inspiration. Each week, I post a short blog about my experiences, my wonderings, and my noticings. I also post the photographs. I’m on a mission to know the Spirit of the Earth beyond Her scenery and Her beauty. I’m so drawn to Her now that I can’t imagine a day without going to the Earth.

Over time, we have become companions. She feels like an old friend. Each time I wander, I share with Her my happiness, my worries, my grief, and my wonderings about life. The Earth is my inspiration, my teacher, my solace, and my haven. When I’m with Her, I find contentment and joy. I am so very grateful.

I believe that as we come to know the Earth intimately as a living, breathing being, we will no longer treat Her as a resource. We will see Her for who She truly is -- the source of all life.

If you’d like to visit my website, here is the link: http://www.wandernature.com/

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